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Eduardo Colón

photographer & writer based in houston, texas and brooklyn, new york




#new york city


Select shots of people photographed by Eduardo Colon

Postive Affirmations

Street photography on the Williamsburg Bridge. Positive affirmations in graffiti.

But Mom...

Mother & daughter hanging around DUMBO, Brooklyn.

Marcy Av Station

Street photography in Brooklyn.

Sunset Runner

Street photography in Brooklyn.

Eduardo Colon - Self Portrait - May 2015

Eduardo Colon standing in front of street art in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

DUMO Bokeh

Bokeh shot of the Manhattan Bridge in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

Walk in the Rain

Street photography on Mulberry Street in Little Italy, New York City.

Raw Artist Brooklyn

Raw Artist gathering in Brooklyn.

Raw Artist Brooklyn

Raw Artist gathering in Brooklyn.

Raw Artist Brooklyn

Raw Artist gathering in Brooklyn.

Skateboard Parade

Saturday afternoon in Williamsburg/Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Skate boarders ride down the street.

Brooklyn Nights

People watching at the Brooklyn Bridge.

Flower Girls

New York Botanical Garden - Two visitors stare in awe of flowery tree.

Bowery Flow

Street Photography in Manhattan's East Village - April 2013 by Eduardo Colon

Ecstasy - DJ Set

This DJ set was an episode was originally an episode from a deep house music podcast I produced on a monthly basis called, The Underground Sound of NYC.



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It’s 5:37 a.m., Monday morning, September 20, 2010.I've just returned from dropping my nephew off at work. Before returning home, I stopped at a convenience store and picked up bread, milk, and other items I’ll need to prepare breakfast for my family in a few hour’s time. Then I will begin my day, in earnest, running errands, tending to tasks, so on and so forth. I know I have an unassuming and plain appearance.I look like any other man of my age, of my background, and no one around me would know I am a man on fire, in the mind,…


The Desert Road of Night

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Originally published December 28, 2010 via Karma of Dove dot Com.This is my first memory.I’m three years old and I’m in the arms of a fireman, being carried out of a burning building, in the darkness of early morning.



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I've driven over many desolate roads winding through ghost towns and vast empty space.


Life Goes On

From that spot in Washington Square Park I remembered the Twin Towers, how it once stood, and it's where One World Trade now stands.

The one thought crossing my mind as I took photos that night.

"There is no perfection only life." — Milan Kundera