Eduardo Colón

photographer & writer based in houston, texas and brooklyn, new york


Self Portrait 2010Eduardo Colon Self Portrait July 2010

It’s 5:37 a.m., Monday morning, September 20, 2010.

I've just returned from dropping my nephew off at work. Before returning home, I stopped at a convenience store and picked up bread, milk, and other items I’ll need to prepare breakfast for my family in a few hour’s time. Then I will begin my day, in earnest, running errands, tending to tasks, so on and so forth. I know I have an unassuming and plain appearance.

I look like any other man of my age, of my background, and no one around me would know I am a man on fire, in the mind, in the spirit, in the heart, in the soul.

I burn in continual ecstasy.